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The DigStop prevents animals from digging, while enabling a fully bioactive terrarium. 

The DigStop... what is it?

The DigStop is a plant-ready barrier for your fully bioactive (or partial bioactive) terrarium. It is intended to enable all the things we love about the "Bioactive way"... live plants, poop devouring bugs, and a stable environment, while deterring the tanks main inhabitant from burrowing, and hiding those hard earned eggs out of sight! (Patent Pending)

Why not just use paper towel and a lay box? 

Being a huge supporter of the Bioactive method to keeping, I have long pondered methods for enabling keepers, and breeders of all sizes to realize the benefits of going Bioactive. Simply put... "It is the way". 

Nicer to look at, no smell, no cleaning (aside from occasionally cleaning the glass), and better for your pet, or collections well being. 

My sincere hope is that the DigStop will enable even more keepers and breeders alike to evolve to this way of keeping, or make it easier if they have already!

Available now!

The DigStop is now available in the 12" version, which fits all major brands of glass12" x 12" terrariums.  The 18" size will be available very soon, along with custom sizes by request. 

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