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Why bioactive!?

Less smell, less clean up, and a robust stimulating environment To Feel good about!

If you love crested geckos like I do, then you want to give them what's best! Every single one of our geckos are raised, (from the day they hatch!) in a bioactive environment...but I haven't always done it this way. 

After purchasing Gizmo (my very first crested gecko) in 2003, I quickly fell in love and wanted the very best for my new pet! He enjoyed a beautiful enclosure with lots of plastic plants, reptile bark, and prefabricated hides. Not long after, my collection grew and I realized that paper towels would be MUCH easier to replace (and cost much less) than the substrate so I made the switch. Next thing I knew I had two rack systems and babies were on the way, and man did they come quick! 

More geckos meant more tanks, more paper towels...and, oh yeah... more smell. Not only that but I started to not feel great about my collection. For a while I continued to spray, feed, replace paper towels, and so on...but I missed the beautiful enclosure that Gizmo once had and the feeling that I was doing the absolute best for my beloved geckos. So in 2009, After a stressful move and feeling like having the geckos was more "work" than pleasure I sold off my collection (aside from Gizmo) and went back to just having a pet whom I felt was happy in his beautiful setting once again. 

Ten years later, with a degree in plant and soil sciences and a more robust wallet, the passion to breed these wonderful animals struck again...but this time I would do it different! I soaked up all the info I could find on the "bioactive" way, bought some bugs then reached out to an old friend at ACreptiles...and before I knew it babies were once more on the way!  

Now with over a hundred bioactive set ups of all shapes and sizes, I can 100% say I feel GREAT about my collection, but not only that...

The stinky smell was replaced with that of earth, the geckos no longer had any shedding problems, no more sliding out tubs to view them, no floppy tails, and although the cost upfront greater, it has given me more time to enjoy these beautiful creatures and less time "working"!!!


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